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3 Copywriting Pitfalls to Avoid

copywriting pitfalls to avoid

Copywriting is key to building trust in your brand, but are you caving in to these three copywriting pitfalls? When it comes to brand identity and customer loyalty, the tone you set with your writing is just as important as the message itself. Here are three common copywriting mistakes we see – and how to avoid them.

The Jargon Jungle

When you know your industry inside and out, it’s easy to start speaking the lingo without thinking about the implications. Try not to get lost in the weeds with industry jargon. This can turn away prospects who are new to the industry or who don’t yet know all the insider terms. When you need to use terms or phrases that are specific to your industry, give a brief explanation for context and spell out acronyms the first time you use them, so newer people don’t get lost and click away. It’s usually better to be inclusive to everyone than to only appeal to seasoned insiders who know their way around industry slang.

Striking the Wrong Tone

Ever told a joke that didn’t land and had to sit with the awkward silence? Yeah, it happens to everyone at some point, and it’s not the best feeling. Copywriting can be like that, too. Be aware of the tone you project in your writing, and make sure it matches the brand’s identity. This is especially true if you’re communicating on social media. It can be difficult to interpret sarcasm and jokes in writing, and on social, emojis can have hidden second meanings that lead to unintended consequences. (Even if you run an organic farm, you’ll want to be careful with those fruit and veg emojis.) Unless your brand is known for raucous humor and sarcasm, keep the snark and cute emojis out of copy – stick to friendly, professional prose.

Failing to Deliver

It’s tempting to write a catchy blog headline that will get people clicking faster than Olympic sprint finals, but make sure the content in the article lives up to the promise in the headline. There’s a word for content that doesn’t deliver — clickbait. How many times have you clicked on a promising headline only to be disappointed by the content of the post? Don’t be that brand. We firmly believe in creating content that delivers on your brand promise – educational, informative and delivering value. That’s how you build brand trust and get people coming back for more.

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