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4 Steps on How to Handle Online Reviews

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Customer feedback has gone from beauty salon word-of-mouth to full-fledge digital platforms. As a business, you want your customers out there talking about you — but how do you handle online reviews? Follow these four steps to ensure online reviews are addressed to not only manage your company’s reputation, but improve the customer experience as well.

“All companies get complaints, and…we welcome all customer feedback. It is such a valuable tool for businesses – it keeps us on our toes, and striving to better our product offerings and deliver exceptional customer service.” Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group

#1 Identify Current Reviews and Look for Trends: The first step in handling online reviews is to see what is already being said about your business. Check common review platforms such as Google+, Facebook and Yelp. As you read through current reviews, look for trends. Are customers focusing on a certain aspect of your product or service? Is there a specific expectation that isn’t being met? Do reviews repeatedly mention a certain employee or location?

#2 Make Internal Improvements: Once you’ve seen what’s out there and found the key trends, it’s time to adjust. Consider how a customer might interact with your business and identify where there could be a gap in services, product features or expectations. By making internal improvements, you’re preventing negative feedback in the future.

#3 Engage with Reviewers: This isn’t a time to stay silent, but it’s also not the time to get defensive. Taking the time to reach out to a reviewer and understand their experience can be one of the most valuable aspects of running your business. Customers appreciate being listened to, and more importantly, you have the opportunity to make it right. Don’t feel like you only have to respond to negative reviews – thanking someone for sharing positive feedback also goes a long way.

#4 Actively Monitor Online Reviews: Your job doesn’t end there. It is important to actively participate in online conversations about your business. Set up a weekly calendar alert to check major review platforms and interact with customers online.

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