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4 Ways Graphic Design Helps Your Business

Illustration of graphic design tools

People are instinctively drawn to good design, but did you know graphic design can help your business beyond aesthetics? Marketing researchers have investigated the connection between logo design and sales — finding a correlation between certain types of designs and positive revenue, depending on the industry. But good design includes more than a logo. Here are four reasons to take another look at your company’s graphic design.

Building Brand Strategy

A strong brand starts with a cohesive brand vision. Is your company flippant and fun, or buttoned down and all about business? Graphic design signals your brand identity without saying a word. Many companies start out with piecemeal design elements. You may have a logo, but you also need brand guidelines that include things like typefaces, primary and secondary brand colors, and specifications for printed materials and digital ads. Each of these design factors plays into the overall story of your brand.

Setting Expectations

What should customers expect when they work with you? Your graphic design helps set that tone. A wild, colorful ad campaign sets the expectation that you’ll provide a vibrant, lighthearted experience. That might be a problem if you’re in a traditionally serious industry where people want the opposite of fun. Sure, there are times to turn expectations on their head, but people facing an audit probably aren’t interested in a “fun” tax attorney. And vice versa. A branding agency can help you decide what tone your design should set to match your brand identity. Design elements should match the tone of your business and set or confirm a customer’s expectations.

Reinforcing Trust

Credibility is key, no matter your industry. Sloppy design or marketing collateral that looks like it was printed straight from a Word document isn’t going to build trust with potential customers. On the other hand, good design is a sign of being polished and professional. We’ve all seen examples of great ads that made us buy — and horribly designed ads that had us shaking our heads. Not to mention websites that are still trapped in 2005! Design trends change and dated design reflects negatively on a company. Invest the time to make sure your design is on point and builds trust.

Creating Consistency

Bringing it all together, when you have a cohesive brand vision that’s supported by consistent graphic design — from the logo and website to business cards, flyers, ads and presentation decks — you’re signaling two things to your customers. One, you’re a polished brand that will be there for the long haul. And two, that you understand details matter.

Want to talk about a graphic design strategy for your company? We’re here for that! Contact us and let’s come up with a plan that works for you.