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5 Tips for Amplifying Your Message with Email Marketing

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Email marketing is big for B2B businesses. It offers a high ROI opportunity — generating approximately $42 for every $1 spent — and comes at a pretty low cost compared to other forms of marketing. Yet, with roughly 4 billion daily users and over 300 billion emails sent per day, there’s also a lot of competition. So how do you cut through the digital noise and make your brand stand out?  We’re so glad you asked. Here are five tips for effectively amplifying your message.

Content Platforms

From design to data tracking, email marketing platforms help you manage marketing campaigns like a pro. Popular email marketing platform, like Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp, are equipped with a wide variety user-friendly tools like drag-and-drop layout interfaces, AB/testing, interactive engagement tracking and list maintenance. These allow you to not only send polished, professional emails, but also help ensure deliverability — so your emails don’t end up in spam folders, never to see the light of day — and give you insight into what’s clicking with your audience. For example, you can see not only how many people opened each email, but what links they clicked on and how many times they clicked. You can also test subject lines and send times to learn more about your audience’s preferences. 

Automated Customer Journeys

Work smarter, not harder. That’s the ticket, right? Though automation might sound intimidating at first, using it to create a customer journey can actually streamline your workflow — and build brand loyalty. Essentially a digital drip campaign, automated journeys are a sequence of messages sent to subscribers at pre-determined intervals. The strongest journeys incorporate personalization, too. For example, skincare brands like Ilia and Il Makiage send out targeted emails to customers about 4 – 6 weeks after they purchase a product, when they think they may be running low. By using an automated journey that is triggered when someone makes a purchase, these brands are able to free up their resources while still providing personalized, relevant emails to their customers.

 A/B Subject Line Tests

You might have the greatest eblast of all time, but if your subscribers don’t open the email they’ll never know. The benefits of A/B testing your subject line — that is, sending two options out to a fraction of your audience to see which one performs better — are twofold. In the short term, it helps increase the likelihood that more people will open your email since the more popular option will go out to the remaining list. In the long term, it can help you identify patterns of behavior or preference with your audience so you can better target them in the future. Ultimately, you want to provide your audience with interesting, relevant information.

Team Spotlights

People like to see people. Showcase the team at work behind the scenes with dedicated spotlights in your email newsletter or eblast. These can take any number of forms, from short and sweet intros and bite-sized Q&As to full-length blog features. Team spotlights help give your customers a face to the name — especially for external-facing staff members, like your sales team — and help humanize your brand. This is especially important as 90% of consumers are looking for authenticity when deciding which brands they like and support.

Optimize for Mobile

Raise your hand if you’re reading this on your smart phone? While desktop views are still the most popular method of viewing emails, especially in the B2B industry, many users are checking their inboxes on the go from tablets or smart phones. To make sure all users are getting the best experience with your emails, you’ll want to make sure they are optimized for both screens. Many third-party email marketing platforms have built-in tools that allow you to preview both screen sizes to check that images, text, buttons and spaces will appear correctly. Don’t skimp on this step. Opening an email not optimized for the viewing device can turn off users who might otherwise be interested.

All in all, email marketing is a great tool for showcasing your brand and connecting with your customers. So, if you’re ready to for a better way to email en masse, you’ve come to the right place. Get more tips and tricks here, or drop us a line and let’s talk marketing.