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Advertising: More Than Just Luck

Advertising More Than Just Luck

From the outside looking in, advertising can sometimes feel like a game of chance. Some companies hit the jackpot with their ad campaigns, while others come up short. But what may appear to be a lucky streak for a successful business is often the result of strategic planning, customer research and coordinated marketing efforts.

Because every company is different, there’s no one-size-fits-all advertising strategy. Take some of the guesswork out of the equation with a strategic marketing plan tailored to your company and customer base.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. Design At Work has outlined the basics to developing an advertising strategy to help grow your business.

Develop a Plan
The foundation of developing a strategic marketing plan? (Hint, it’s in the name.) As you may have guessed, it’s planning. Setting clear, measurable goals and deadlines can help you map out the steps needed to reach your goals. Breaking the process down into smaller steps often allows the steps to be more attainable. It’s also important not to try and cast too wide of net in terms of target audience. Sometimes narrowing it down to a specific demographic or industry (if you’re a B2B business) can help you cover more ground and be more effective in the campaigns you implement. That leads us to our next point.

Understand Your Audience
Next up, who are your customers? Understanding your customers’ demographics, pain points and even lifestyle preferences can help your company tailor your advertising strategy to them. Successful advertising campaigns connect with their target audience, keeping them interested and engaged with your brand. Creating an “Ideal Customer Profile,” which can include basics, like age and location, as well as personality traits, aspirations, goals and purchasing habits, can help you define the audience your business wants to connect with.

Keep Things Fresh
Live a little — and don’t be afraid to have fun and switch things up. As markets shift and customer habits change, a strategy that worked before may not be packing as much of a punch anymore. While keeping up with the evolving landscape can be challenging, it may also open the door to try something new. Allowing room for experimentation — even trial and error — keeps you advertising strategy nimble and fresh. Keeping an eye out for new tools and trends can also help you stay ahead of curve.

Research and Refine
Having benchmark data, setting milestones and regularly reviewing analytics, such as Google Analytics for your website or open and click-through rates on your emails, can help you stay on top of what’s working. You’ll be able to see trends and get insights into what’s clicking with your customers. For example, if you notice they open more emails sent in the morning versus afternoon, you can shift your email marketing schedule. By honing in on what’s working, you can adjust and refine your strategy over time.

Don’t leave your advertising strategy to chance. A dedicated marketing firm can help you build a marketing plan from the ground up. Ready to make your own luck? Strike while the iron is hot (aka today) and let’s get started.