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Advertising Strategies 101: Telling the Full Story


If your business is like many out there, you’ve tried a range of advertising strategies to get the word out about all you offer. From bold imagery, to cheeky sayings and minimalistic approaches, the potential advertising strategies are endless — but it all boils down to how you tell your story. Design At Work’s advertising and marketing experts have a bit of advice for crafting messages that get your business noticed.

Keep Your Advertising Plan Consistent with Headlines and Imagery

What’s the overall vibe you’re hoping to get across? Once you determine the feel you’re going for, make sure every element of your campaign — from rotating web banners, to email blast messages and online ads — ties back to that theme in some way. If you’re a boutique owner looking to spread the word about your autumn product line, a cozy fall feel might be a natural fit. For restaurants looking to amp up a seasonal promotion, football could be an effective go-to idea. Remember, it’s all about how these ads make the target audience feel. When you use words and pictures to draw your audience into the story, it gets their wheels turning and could very well encourage them to come check out your business.

Make Your Advertising Plan “Pop” with a Compelling Ad

Companies often cram so much “boring” information into ads that those efforts fail to connect with their audience. Approaching your advertising plan in terms of storytelling rather than information-sharing can be a game-changer. Consider Chick-fil-A’s cow campaign. They aren’t out there touting their nuggets or telling you their chicken sandwiches are the best around. They have cows wearing sign boards with a simple message: “Eat Mor Chikin.” It’s quick, it’s eye-catching and, most of all, it’s memorable. If you can pull together a few words or sentences that reach the audience at an emotional level — and tie in an image that reinforces the message — you’ll get a real bang for your buck. With any luck, your audience will share the ad and do the marketing for you! Don’t forget, the best ads are client focused. Consider the issues your target audience is up against, then address how you can help.

Incorporate First-Person Accounts into Your Advertising Strategies

Have you ever heard the saying that word of mouth is the best form of advertising? First-person accounts told by satisfied customers hold an authenticity that can’t be created through traditional ads. Your audience will appreciate the genuine feedback from people who have already put your products and services to the test. Here are a couple of ways you can incorporate first-person accounts into your story:

Client Spotlights: These brief write-ups outline the ways your business served a past client — and why they were happy with your service. These should be complete stories, including everything from the client’s initial need, to your company’s approach and how the end result played out. (Remember to incorporate direct quotes!)

A “See What Others Have to Say” Blurb: Typically limited to a few sentences or so, these quick-hitting recommendations are easy additions to your website. (You can share them over social media, too!) Text tidbits like these typically highlight real quotes that satisfied customers submitted to review sites like Yelp, or ones they emailed to your company.

Is your company trying to sort out the best advertising strategies to put to use? Do you have an idea — but need a little help telling your story? Whatever the case, the creative minds at our Houston marketing agency would be glad to help. Get in touch today, and let’s get started!

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