Everybody’s Talkin’.

Advertising Turned Social Advertising Since COVID-19

Because the pandemic has altered consumer behavior, it has resulted in an alteration of advertising focus to social advertising. Before quarantine, due to COVID-19, people were out and about socializing, gathering together in close quarters. It was easy to have a big audience in public spaces. Once everyone was told to stay home, advertising in public squares and before a movie showing became obsolete overnight.

With this dramatic change, came a shift in marketing — it became more personal. It is more personal because it is reaching people inside of their homes, showing up on their social media news feeds, and the tone is geared around relating to what is going on in the present world around us and using it to connect with the consumer on an individual level versus as a group.

With 59% of consumers spending more time on social media to keep in touch with family and friends, it only makes sense to market more where the consumer is spending their time. With everyone’s attention on finding alternate ways to stay close with one another while physically staying apart, marketing in the social media arena opens the door where marketing is not just an ad, but an ongoing conversation to engage with customers.

Instead of offering discounted vacations and concert tickets, marketing has focused on staycations and the comforts of home. Businesses have redefined themselves through the creation of work from home business models and not only how to reach consumers virtually, but still provide them with an authentic experience that only they can provide by staying ahead of the competition, keeping up with the latest software and digital marketing techniques.

Creating a marketing campaign has pivoted to building relationships with consumers on social media in a relatable manner and it is only gaining momentum. If you would like to learn more, or have questions, contact us. We’d love to speak with you!

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