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B2B Lead Generation for Industrial Companies

Lead generation, or new business, is crucial to the success of your industrial company. But before leads can come rolling in, you need to create awareness about your services, educated team, safety standards and anything else that sets you apart from the rest. We get it, competition for industrial projects can be intense, but implementing these tips from our marketing experts on the Design At Work team can make all the difference. Read on for what you can do now to market your industrial company.


B2B Marketing Can Put Your Company Center Stage

While marketing your industrial services or products to another company follows similar principles as consumer marketing (B2C), there are important differences. Consumers make purchases based on popularity and emotional triggers, yet your B2B buyers are more focused on price, profit and scheduling. Understanding what motivates your audience is imperative. Think about creating buyer personas to identify what your customers pain points are, so you can address them in your marketing efforts.

Also consider finding new ways to build relationships with new and existing customers. Social media is a great outlet to strike up conversations between businesses. Plus, the more you share and post, the more your business will be in front of decision makers at the companies you’re targeting. You can even take your social media marketing to the next level with boosted posts and paid advertisements, where you can select specific zip codes and demographics to create a custom audience. From client successes to employee spotlights, your social media followers want to know what you’re up to (and including videos and pictures will never hurt also!).


Signage, Fleet Graphics, Truck Wraps & More.

Does your industrial company have a fleet of cars or trucks? Or do you even just have one? Then you have a moving billboard. Your trucks and equipment are the perfect place to display your logo, phone number and services. Whether you’re on a jobsite or in transit, your work assets are also a marketing asset. Designing the right signage, fleet graphic or truck wrap is important, so you don’t overwhelm onlookers while ensuring all the pertinent information (like your URL and phone number) is present.


Know Who to Target, Then Generate Leads

Before you start any marketing efforts, create a list of top companies you’d like to do business with. Identifying these companies will help you determine pain points that you can help solve and speak to in your collateral. Don’t know where to begin? An outsourced marketing department like Design At Work can help you develop buyer personas and even create customer journeys to make the most out of your marketing budget.

These tips are just the starting point. Design At Work is here to provide you the experience and resources it takes to help your industrial company standout and be profitable.