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Influencer Marketing: What it is and How it Can Work for Your Business

If you frequent social media, you have probably already encountered a form of influencer marketing. Brands use influencers to promote their products and bring awareness to what they offer and how it fits their lifestyle. This is done by having an influencer show how it works personally for them. Since an influencer is a trusted source of information — their audience values — they are more likely to try a product based on their recommendation. Learn about influencer marketing and how this strategy can boost your brands edge online.

What is an Influencer?

To start off, we need to define the difference between a celebrity and an influencer as this is often confused. A celebrity is someone who is part of mainstream Hollywood like and actor or singer. An influencer is someone who has created a reputation with a loyal following based on a lifestyle niche they post about online.

For example, health guru, Thomas DeLauer has a YouTube channel centered around health and fitness with dedicated followers who want information on what’s trending for diet and exercise. What makes his channel so popular is, through his personal experience, he lost over 100 pounds by changing his lifestyle habits. Now he teaches tips and critiques scientific reviews to pass on health information to his viewers based on what he has learned.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is when an influencer endorses your product or brand. Typically, they will only do so if they believe in the product and use it themselves. Once endorsed, they will use the items and plug them as part of their video for a sponsorship fee. This works with great success because the influencer’s followers have invested their trust in the influencer. If an influencer gives a good review on a product that their audience could use to up their lifestyle game, their followers are more likely to purchase it.

How Can Influencer Marketing Benefit Your Brand?

An influencer can benefit your business by providing brand awareness. In the case of Thomas DeLauer, he endorses healthier food options and exercise equipment that meet the lifestyle requirements of the information he posts about. As long as the product complements what he teaches, and offers a benefit to his viewers, he will endorse and use those items in his video production and mention the sponsorship.

The audience being reached by using influencer marketing is the influencer’s fan base. They are loyal to the person they are following and not your brand personally. This is important to note because it is not the brand itself the viewers are trusting, but the person endorsing the brand. It is because of the influencer’s reputation a brand reaches out to the influencer’s audience through sponsorship.

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