professional services industry branding.

Design At Work develops marketing plans that will help your professional services company stand out

Increase Brand Awareness with Marketing Strategies

Differentiating your professional services company from similar organizations requires a solid brand and marketing strategy. Because the marketplace is full of competitors, your company needs to cultivate brand awareness, or a following, among your target audience. Our team at Design At Work has expert experience developing marketing strategies that not only create top-of-mind awareness with customers and clients, but also makes your products and services stand out from the rest. Check out how we’re going about branding professional services companies to distinguish them from the competition.


Branding to Differentiate from Similar Services

The professional services companies we work with – from lawyers and landscape architects to remediation equipment suppliers and commercial furniture dealers – all ask a similar question: How can we market our products or services so that they’re discernable from the competition?


And the answer is: It all starts with a unique look and feel, or in other words, a strong brand. At Design At Work, we’re big believers in capitalizing on what makes you different while acknowledging attributes customers are looking for. We tailor your brand to tell your story and illustrate your differentiators, so customers know what to expect. When your target audience is left with a memorable impression, brand recognition increases and your company’s presence in the saturated market grows.


A Marketing Strategy for Clear Communication

So now that your professional services company has a unique brand, your Design At Work team focuses on developing a custom marketing plan. We create deliverables that ensure your organization’s message is clear and consistent. From the graphics to the text, we communicate your company’s differentiators, the value you provide and the personality and culture of your company.


As an outsourced marketing firm, we’ll oversee the development of a logo, website content, advertising campaigns, email marketing, social media, reputation management and public relations. Collateral, like business cards, brochures and presentations, is also created to maintain your brand and reinforce its presence in the industry.


Reputation Management: Get the Most from Referrals

Many professional services companies rely on word of mouth and referrals to gain new business. Because of that, Design At Work offers reputation management services as part of our outsourced marketing capabilities. From Google reviews to Facebook comments, we organize a marketing strategy that helps you make the most out of what people are saying! Good, bad or indifferent – we manage reviews so they turn into referrals.