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Brochures Still Matter Even in the Digital Age

So much of what used to be print-only content is available online these days, helping boost brand recognition and provide site visitors useful content. Whether it’s providing product manuals, downloadable guides or checklists, many small businesses are increasing their digital footprint by offering collateral online that has typically only been printed. To that end, you might find yourself thinking that brochures don’t really have a place in modern marketing campaigns. However, we’re here to tell you they’re still a useful tool.

Brochures Provide a Snapshot of Your Business

As nice as your optimized website is, pulling it up in the middle of a conversation on your smartphone can kill the momentum you’re building with a potential customer. When talking face to face, a brochure can give them the highlights of who you are and what you do, without having to worry about Wi-Fi or cellular data. You’re keeping the focus in the room and not online.

Brochures Can Help Make a Connection

At the end of a conversation with a potential customer, being able to hand them something to help remember you is a winning strategy. Business cards are nice for situations where you’re making business connections, but with potential customers you want to be more than just a name to them. At a busy conference, a card is easy to lose, whereas a brochure has a better chance of sticking around and getting in front of their eyes again. When they look at it, there will be no question about who you are or what you do.

Brochures Aren’t Just Print Products Anymore

Once designed, a brochure doesn’t just have to live offline. Rather than emailing someone a link to your site and trusting in them to find the information you want them to see, you might just have a brochure that has all everything they want to know in one convenient package. Give them your greatest hits, and if they want to know more, you’ll be easy to reach.

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