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Four Tips to Build Your Brand on YouTube

From the outside looking in it appears that YouTube is all about having a lot of subscribers and monetization in order to build your brand. These are not the true measurements of success when branding on YouTube, but they are the reward after discovering what works for the market you are trying to corner. Here are four tips to help begin building your brand on YouTube.

  1. Be Creditable

This is probably the most important factor when it comes to success with online video creation. Everything that is posted online is analyzed critically by viewers. If they spot an inconsistency or something that is blatantly incorrect, this can damage your brands reputation. While everyone can’t be pleased at all times, ensuring you’re trustworthy with your target audience will be key to building up a fan base of subscribers.

  • Pick a Style

At first you may need to experiment with the video style and format you will use. This will help to analyze what does and does not work. Pick a video length and style that you think will work best and stick with it for 3 months. If the data shows a drop off in views after a couple minutes, your video may be too long. This will help you gauge what will be best for future posts. Once video length and style gain positive momentum — stick with it. Consistency is the main focus of brand awareness in order to be easily recognizable by loyal viewers.

  • Know Your Audience

Take the time to research the need you are trying to fill with your audience. Ensure that your video content is relatable to filling that need. Part of this research should include understanding of keywords and hashtags, as well as good sources to other creditable links where more information can be found. This will help when people are typing in searches for content related to what you do, so that you will pop-up in their search. YouTube does a really good job of categorizing subjects that is good for all your posts, even ones with an older date.

  • Remain Authentic

Th driving force behind why people are attracted to your content besides credibility is authenticity. Stay true to yourself, stay true to your brand. You can still be authentic and branch out with new ideas, the key here is not to get caught up in the hype of what other people are doing and lose sight of why you started posting videos in the first place. Losing focus from your main goal at the start can alienate your followers and have them question your intentions.

Laying the groundwork with creditable material and taking the time to understand your audience will pay off with subscribers and a trustworthy reputation. Being authentic and maintaining a consistent style will ensure brand awareness with your viewers. With these four basic principles in place you can utilize all the tools YouTube offers to promote your videos in a way that allow you to stand out and continue to grow the branding of your business. Need help building your brand? As a full-service marketing agency, we have the experience to help you. Contact us to discuss how.

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