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First Steps in Business Marketing


Few businesses are major players in their industry from day one. Every company has to start somewhere, and the journey from small business to industry powerhouse rarely happens overnight. Your company has all the potential in the world, but going from a small business to a large one takes work. A strong small business marketing plan will help you get there.

You might find yourself wondering how you can compete against the bigger competition in your industry, but the good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to craft a winning marketing strategy for your company. With time, effort and excitement, you can take your humble company to new heights. Here’s where to start:

Define yourself.

Before you can introduce your company to the world, you have to figure out what you stand for. It all starts with your brand promise, the core value of differentiator that will define your brand and will be the cornerstone of all your marketing. Once you have that in place, you can work on a logo, tagline and style guide for your business.

Get active online.

You aren’t going to find new customers or retain the ones you have by sitting on the sidelines. Once your website is up and running, keep it updated with new content. Jump into the world of social media, and interact with those that interact with you. Create a newsletter and send out updates on a regular basis. An active online presence is key to establishing your business.

Discover your audience.

Part of marketing is giving your audience what they want. The sooner you know who your customers are, the sooner you can start crafting emails they’ll open, social media content they’ll share and, most importantly, gaining a deeper understanding of what services you should be offering them. Creating a loyal customer base isn’t casting a line out into the dark and hoping for the best; it’s making calculated moves to get the best return on your investment.

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