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Category: B2B Marketing

Personalize Your Advertising Plan with Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is helpful when developing an advertising plan because it creates an identity that is relatable with your target audience. Successful execution of a buyer persona begins with audience research — you have to understand who you are marketing to in order to have a buyer persona that speaks to them. When a…
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Why You Should Refresh Your Website Content for SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), we in the marketing business know that the only thing you can count on is the constant changing of algorithms and guidelines. Google can be a tricky search engine to please, and if you’re looking to keep your company’s site in the top ranks of organic search…
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Business Marketing and Common Costly Marketing Mistakes

Keeping extra money in your account looks good for your company’s bottom line, but if you haven’t invested your business marketing budget wisely, you’ll make easily avoidable marketing mistakes. During a time when the atmosphere is changing daily, it’s important to have good marketing practices in place. This time of fluctuation has seen a lot…
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Marketing Strategies for an Industry-Specific Marketing Plan

Coming up with a method to appeal to the market specific to your company’s area of expertise should not be a copy and paste template it requires a marketing strategy unique to your business. Strategies that lead to a successful marketing plan are well thought out with intention and consider long-term goals. This is achieved…
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