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Investing in branding helps set your company up for success.

Branding is an Investment

So, what is branding? And why is it important? Your company’s brand can be your most valuable asset. It is the way your company is represented as a whole and how you connect with your clients. Much more than a single logo or tagline, branding is comprised of elements that define the look and feel…
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Four Tips to Build Your Brand on YouTube

From the outside looking in it appears that YouTube is all about having a lot of subscribers and monetization in order to build your brand. These are not the true measurements of success when branding on YouTube, but they are the reward after discovering what works for the market you are trying to corner. Here…
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7 Easy Things You Can Do to Help Make Your Website Better.

Consider these seven easy things you can tackle to help improve the functionality and aesthetics of your website. Website marketing is not as difficult as you may think! 1. Take Better Photos Let’s face it — most people are visual. According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of us are visual learners. What this means for…
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