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4 Ways Graphic Design Helps Your Business

People are instinctively drawn to good design, but did you know graphic design can help your business beyond aesthetics? Marketing researchers have investigated the connection between logo design and sales — finding a correlation between certain types of designs and positive revenue, depending on the industry. But good design includes more than a logo. Here…
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Marketing Your Business When You Grow Up.

Everybody Gets Awkward. That unfortunate haircut. Those acid wash jeans. The inexplicably massive Beanie Baby collection. Life is full of awkward moments, but it’s all part of growing up. The same goes for businesses. As companies everywhere work to establish themselves, expand their reach and truly come into their own, growing pains are a given.…
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Why building a brand is more important than you think.

Building a Brand: It’s More Important Than You Think

An interesting thing happened when Adidas dug deep in their advertising budget and looked at their marketing playbook — they discovered brand building marketing was driving 65% of their sales. Not advertising. Not digital ads. Branding. And they were only investing 23% of their ad spend into building brand awareness. But brand building seems counterintuitive,…
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Brand Storytelling

Go Boldly: 3 Key Takeaways from Guinness’ Powerful Storytelling

From humble beginnings to worldwide notoriety, Guinness has become synonymous with dark Irish stout beer. Though now a leading global brewery, Guinness was built from the ground up by working class folk. It’s still seen as the working man’s beer. Big and stout and strong. Their story exemplifies those qualities and reverberates with their target…
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