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Category: Branding

tagline and branding brainstorm illustration

How the Best Taglines Make a Splash

You’ve heard it from us before, but we’re here to say it again. Every business needs a brand. And, in addition to the visual identity — we’re talking logos, color palettes, typography and textures — a tagline is an essential element of your business’ brand. It works in tandem with your visual identity and your…
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rebrand illustration

In With the New: 4 Signs It’s Time for a Rebrand

A healthy brand evolves over time to keep pace with your company, your customers and your business goals. Sometimes this takes the form of a brand refresh, which builds upon current materials to breathe new life into the look and feel. Other times, it calls for a major overhaul. Or, in other words, a full…
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business branding illustrations

My Business Has a Brand. Now What?

Insights from Kelcey Hesse, Account Director / Executive Vice President: When businesses go through an initial branding or rebranding, it can be… a lot. Logo update. Color changes. Messaging shifts. Website redesign. Business card revamp. So, by the time all this change has taken place — and typically for the better — you’re probably thinking…
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Illustration of graphic design tools

4 Ways Graphic Design Helps Your Business

People are instinctively drawn to good design, but did you know graphic design can help your business beyond aesthetics? Marketing researchers have investigated the connection between logo design and sales — finding a correlation between certain types of designs and positive revenue, depending on the industry. But good design includes more than a logo. Here…
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