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Four Tips to Build Your Brand on YouTube

From the outside looking in it appears that YouTube is all about having a lot of subscribers and monetization in order to build your brand. These are not the true measurements of success when branding on YouTube, but they are the reward after discovering what works for the market you are trying to corner. Here…
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Instagram Polls for Social Media Marketing

With over 800 million users, and 250 million active daily users of Instagram Stories it is no surprise Instagram has quickly become a more personable way for brands to use social media marketing. Being able to create a brand that is relatable to a company’s target audience is key to creating long-lasting brand loyalty. By…
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What Instagram’s Suggested Posts Feature Means for You

It’s no secret that Instagram has always been a do-as-they-please type of platform. When users make requests, their parent company Facebook typically gives everyone the cold shoulder. Yet on August 19 of 2020 – a year where everything seems to be going right (sarcasm) – Instagram decided to expand news feeds by implementing their new…
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