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5 Creative Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Whether you’re new to social media marketing or a seasoned pro, we know everyone can use a little inspiration and guidance sometimes. Instagram offers businesses so many ways to connect with customers — both new and returning — that the possibilities can feel exciting one day and overwhelming the next. We get it! And we’re…
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Learn how to use social media metrics to measure your company's online presence.

Social Media Metrics 101: How to Measure Your Online Presence

We’re sure you’ve asked yourself more than once, “does my business really need social media?” The short answer to this question is yes. Even if it’s only LinkedIn or Facebook, your company needs to own its social media presence and make an effort to be active. From recruitment to industry positioning, social media has become…
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Four Tips to Build Your Brand on YouTube

From the outside looking in it appears that YouTube is all about having a lot of subscribers and monetization in order to build your brand. These are not the true measurements of success when branding on YouTube, but they are the reward after discovering what works for the market you are trying to corner. Here…
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