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How Client Relations Can Lead to Increased Sales

If you run your own company or work with the owner of a business, you know that client relations are key to building trust and forming long-term business relationships. You know that great feeling you get when you receive a thank-you card or a funny note from someone? You want customers to feel this way toward your business – and if you stay engaged, it could lead to increased sales that will grow your business.

While courting clients may seem old-fashioned, showing them the appreciation they deserve will keep them coming back for more. Client relationships also create an engaged client base who understands you’re dedicated to what you do, meaning they’ll spread the word and drive increased sales to your business.

Sounds simple, right? It is, but you have to stay on top of your game. It’s important to keep up steady client relations by constantly staying in touch. Email blasts and newsletters are an inexpensive way to stay top-of-mind and drive up site traffic. And don’t underestimate the meaning behind taking your client or customer out to lunch or simply stopping by their office to say hello.

If you want to increase sales leads for your business, there are many ways you can stay engaged with your clients:

  • Send free product samples
  • Send handwritten thank-you cards
  • Ask them about themselves and get to know them personally
  • Follow up on your services
  • Invite them to your office for coffee and a chat about current business trends
  • Attend their events
  • Send semi-annual customer surveys
  • Give holiday or industry-related gifts or cards on not-so-popular holidays to stand out from the rest

Don’t get dumped by your customers because you’ve forgotten to tell them how important they are to you. Keep client relations ongoing and remind them that you haven’t lost that lovin’ feeling for their business — and watch the love come back to you.

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