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Extreme Makeover: Branding Edition

b2b company branding

I’m a sucker for makeover shows. All types. Queer Eye, What Not to Wear, Property Brothers, Home Edit. How could someone NOT want to watch a down-on-her-luck single mother of three get a fashionable new wardrobe and hairstyle to build her self-esteem, or a house with no curb appeal be transformed into the nicest place on the block in just a matter of days? It’s inspiring and it’s an unveiling of what they could have been all along.

What these shows do for people or homes is what we do for companies every day. In a way, branding is like a makeover – but of the B2B business variety. Just great, successful companies looking for that “style” to make clients or customers stop and take notice. For me, branding reveals what’s been on the inside all along.

What’s often tough to explain is how necessary a makeover – or branding in this case – is for marketing you. It’s visually defining your business. It’s giving it brand power – a clear message and focus. And without it, you never really give your marketing efforts a fighting chance. For someone to really see what lies beneath, you need a brand to bring out the beauty and the uniqueness of what you do.

Do the Legwork
No hidden cameras needed. Just dig into what makes your company great. Ask questions – the right questions – to find out more about what your customers love about your B2C or B2B business. Look at your competitors. The good, the bad and the ugly. It helps to better understand what you’re up against.

Laying the Brand Foundation
Branding takes work and insight into who you’re wanting to appeal to, how you want potential customers to see you, and how you’d like them to relate your business. Get to the heart of what makes your company awesome – why clients hire you now and why they’d want to hire you again. Take all these nourishing nuggets of information and turn it all into a noticeable, memorable, shareable brand identity design that’ll be the groundwork for all your marketing efforts moving forward. It’s the foundation for which your company’s reputation stands. It props you up to stand out among the rest.

Branding vs Marketing
Branding is what your company is. Marketing is what your company does to tell the world about what it is. Your logo is not your brand. That one nice photo you use across all your sales collateral is not your brand. Your brand is every element – from design to content to imagery – working together to create a unique appeal to customers. A “hey, this is me in a nutshell” mix of your logo, tagline/slogan, message, graphics, and oftentimes, clever calls-to-action, to get a potential customer to engage and buy what you’re ultimately selling.

The Brand Reveal
So, now you’re feeling good about your brand. You think you have a winner. That’s awesome. But that nice branding makeover you just got – it requires upkeep. You’ve got to commit to it every day. Every single piece of B2C and B2B marketing you push out into the world, from collateral to your website, to social media to your email signature, should be considered and given the brand treatment. And if you and your company give your brand all you’ve got, people will take notice and they’ll want their own piece.

If you want branding to work for you (read: target audience marketing that leads to business), don’t just dip a toe in. Appreciate the fruits of the makeover. Commit to your new brand – eat, sleep, breathe, and live it, and that can make all the difference in making over not just how your company looks, but how it can succeed. With branding, you have a huge opportunity right in front of you to create an impact that will continue to build value in your business.

Need a brand makeover, but not sure where to start? Contact us and we’ll get your company ready for its closeup.