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Consistency is Key: Tips Branding Companies Can Use.

When it comes to branding, companies often have a decent grasp of the basics. They know, for instance, to stick with company colors, to include the approved logo and, where applicable, to incorporate their tagline into the overall messaging. Those elements alone aren’t enough to ensure company branding will come across the way it should, however.

Company branding is about more than logos and Pantone colors. It’s everything coming together as a whole, from design elements, to content tone and even font options. And when you get down to it, consistency is everything. The Design At Work crew has pulled together a few of our top tips on how branding companies like yours can create a stronger, more targeted approach to marketing.

Consider Your Company’s “Voice.”

While marketing pieces serve different purposes, the tone in which your business “speaks” should remain steady. For professional service firms, banks and similar institutions, messages are probably all professionalism, all the time. Restaurants or boutiques, however, can take a more laid-back approach (depending on your target audience.) Think through who your company is and the overall feel you want clients (and potential clients) to take away. Keep that in mind when you get to work on your marketing pieces.

Keep Everyone in the Loop.

Laying the groundwork for a company brand won’t do much good if your team isn’t in on it. Pull brand guidelines together into one convenient place, and remember to be thorough. This go-to resource should include everything a person would need to get word out about your company. Depending on your company, that might include proper color choices, hashtags to use across social media and even the story behind your name and brand. Once you have those brand guidelines created, make sure the right folks know where to find them.

Know it’s (Sometimes) OK to Break the Rules.

Consistency is absolutely crucial — most of the time. There are instances where it’s OK to stray from the path. Incorporating red and green into a holiday email blast can add a little festive fun, for instance, while changing your tone to suit a specific message is alright, too. The important thing to note is, you should know the rules before you break them. If you work alongside a professional marketing team, they can offer valuable insight into what tweaks are OK, and which ones you should sidestep.

Although the rules might not always be clear, companies should remember it all boils down to consistency. If you have questions about company branding — or if you’re ready to get rolling on a new brand of your own — get in touch with the Design At Work team. We’d love to help you out! 

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