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Tips to implement today to build brand recognition tomorrow

Brand Recognition in Construction: A Quick Company Marketing Plan

Brand recognition is key to helping a company stand out from the competition — and keeping it top of mind among both current and potential clients. The trouble is, in industries like construction, where the competition is often touting similar services and qualifications, developing solid brand recognition can be difficult. The experts behind Design At Work’s Houston marketing agency have pulled together some of our best advice for crafting a company marketing plan that takes into consideration everything from tradeshow displays during show season, to targeted advertising for slower months. Read on for actions you can take to improve your construction company’s brand recognition.   


Develop a Brand that Tells People Who Your Company Is

The obvious first step to creating brand recognition is to have a brand. While we covered brand creation at length on our blog, it largely boils down to telling your unique story, highlighting what makes you different — and pulling together colors and imagery that differentiate you from the competition. Are you a family-owned business with decades of experience? People should know that. Do you have an outstanding safety record? That’s something potential clients want to know. Do most other construction companies follow similar color patterns? Opt for something different, so your look is one-of-a-kind.

From there, it’s all about consistency. Incorporate your branding across the board with any and all marketing materials, from tradeshow displays, to business cards, email marketing efforts and more. The more people see your company’s brand, the more credible you are and the more likely it is to resonate — and to lead them to consider your company when construction needs arise.


Take Your Branding on the Road with Tradeshow Displays

It’s one thing to present your branding big and bold on your construction company’s home turf. It’s another to do so when you’re away from the office, surrounded by companies whose work is similar to yours. To make the most of your company’s tradeshow experience, you’ll want to present tradeshow displays that are consistent with your brand — and that don’t blend in with what everyone else is doing. If you’ve been to a particular tradeshow in the past, think back to what you saw last time around. If the folks in the booth spaces surrounding yours opted for a single pop-up banner, for instance, consider a slightly different tradeshow booth design and approach.

A tradeshow booth design featuring your company’s signature colors — and showcasing your logo, services and URL — can really pack a punch when viewed by passersby. Of course, if the tradeshow is geared toward a specific element of your business, such as commercial or industrial construction, you might also incorporate a targeted pop-up banner into the look. Don’t forget about the giveaways. Branded marketing materials such as brochures and business cards offer something tangible people can use to get in touch with you down the road. Meanwhile, branded freebies such as measuring tapes, pocket-sized cans of WD-40 and t-shirts can attract larger crowds to your booth and generate buzz about your company around the event. Working with a dedicated marketing team for tradeshow booth design — and other elements of your tradeshow displays — can make all the difference.


Keep Your Brand Front and Center During the Down Season

Your company marketing plan shouldn’t focus solely on the boom times. After all, every industry — construction included — sees its slow periods. Use those slower weeks to find new ways to amp up the brand recognition and tell others about your business. Why not take that opportunity to stand out from the crowd when others are pulling back? If you’re already putting out regular blog and social media posts, double down to create even more content. (And if you aren’t putting out such posts, get started!) Be sure to keep the content relevant, touching on issues your potential clients might be facing and how you can help.

Social media advertising is another effective, often inexpensive way to get your company and brand in front of targeted individuals in specific industries, with specific interests — in specific geographic areas. Other methods you might consider are advertisements in popular trade publications, in-person visits to past clients (with leave-behinds like brochures and cookies) and email marketing efforts to keep your company top of mind. If your construction company has any big news to share, consider putting out a press release. Public relations can be a great way to get your story out there, with no additional cost to your company.

Quality brand recognition is crucial for construction companies looking to establish themselves in the market and distinguish themselves from the competition. Even so, it isn’t always easy. Design At Work is here to provide you the experience, insight and resources it takes to help your company grow and thrive.