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Effective Content Marketing: Blog Tips and Tricks.

In the modern-day business world where it’s all about content marketing, blog posts are a great approach. They allow a company to exhibit its expertise, capture potential clients’ attention and foster warm, fuzzy feelings by sharing useful information. Of course, the success of any marketing blog depends on its execution. The creative minds behind Design At Work’s Houston marketing agency have pulled together a few of our top blog tips to help ensure your content marketing efforts achieve their goal.

Keep Your Client in Mind with Content Marketing.

A successful marketing blog should touch on issues your current and potential clients care about. (Why else would they even click on your content?) While it’s OK to post about your own important company news from time to time, try to keep the majority of blogs informative and client focused. What’s the best way they can overcome industry-specific obstacles? How could current events affect their business? What tools can they use to make life simpler? Once you begin thinking on this level, you’ll find the possibilities are endless.

Don’t Let Your Marketing Blog Lag.

There’s nothing worse than a potential client landing on your blog page only to find that your last post is months (or — gasp — YEARS) old. An outdated blog leads to all sorts of negative connotations, with people believing your company is lazy, unaware or even apathetic to their needs. Make it a point to post consistently, even if it’s just once or twice a month. Having a dedicated copywriter can help! If you don’t believe your company can keep up with that schedule, consider removing dates from individual posts. Doing so makes it much harder to pinpoint how regularly your marketing blog is updated.

Help Your Marketing Blog Be Seen.

Quality content was made to be shared! Post your blogs on your company’s social media pages. Then, take things a step further by encouraging team members to “like” and share those posts. Include blog snippets in email blasts or electronic newsletters, and link back to the original posts. By putting your content out across multiple platforms, you’re increasing visibility for your company and encouraging website traffic. (As an added benefit, you’re likely boosting your website’s search rankings, too!)

A solid marketing blog can do wonders for a company. We hope you found these blog tips helpful — and that you can use them to boost your content marketing efforts. Of course, our Houston marketing agency is always here to help. Feel free to contact us with questions!

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