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Content Marketing: Blog Posts Serve Multiple Functions

In an internet-driven world where so many companies are focused on content marketing, blog posts are more important than ever. They allow a company to position itself as an industry expert and provide information current (and potential) clients can put to good use. In truth, however, the benefits span far beyond that. Here are just a few of the reasons why, in marketing, blog posts are a simple way to work smarter, not harder.

A Blog Can: Boost Your Business in Search Results

Incorporating the right keywords and phrases within company blog posts can improve search engine optimization (SEO) and move your business higher among online search results. (And who doesn’t love that?) Although well-crafted SEO truly is something of a science, it breaks down to making sure you’re incorporating phrases that potential clients would use to find companies that provide the products and services you offer. Another key element is making sure those targeted phrases are in the right place within your blog posts. Having a dedicated copywriter to optimize your blog posts can make all the difference.

A Blog Can: Give You Something to Say on Social Media

It isn’t enough to simply have company social media pages. To appear relevant, you must post quality content regularly. Blog posts are a great way to make that happen. Any time a new blog goes up on your website, make it a point to post about it across your various social media platforms. Doing so helps keep your company top of mind — and also drives additional traffic to your website. It’s a win/win!

A Blog Can: Get People Clicking Through Your Website

Your company put a lot of work into its online home, and it deserves to be seen. By linking to other areas of your website within a given blog post, you make it easy for people to find information that’s relevant to them. Not only that, but interlinking also increases page clicks. It’s another simple way to help bump your business up in the world of online search results.

When planning out your company’s marketing, blog posts can pull double — or triple, or quadruple — duty. Of course, that content marketing must be done the right way. If you’re on the hunt for a Houston marketing agency to help optimize your blog, Design At Work would love to help. Reach out today to get the conversation started!

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