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Content Marketing Tip: Consistent Blog Posting

There’s an old content marketing saying: a business is only as big as its blogs. Okay – we may have made that up. But the central message is still true – if you’re running a business and trying to get your website to climb the digital ladder, having a consistent blog post schedule is key. As a business owner, writing and regularly posting blogs may not be the most important thing on your list of to-dos. But here, we’ll outline why blogging is important, and how sticking with it can benefit your business and your brand.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

A great content marketing strategy can be valuable when regularly posted content drives consistent traffic to your website. With each new blog post comes a new indexed page on your website, which presents more opportunities for your site to show up on search engines. Sharing your blog posts on social media or in eNewsletters will also lead more people to your website when they click to read your post. As a bonus, consistent blogs will keep your social media presence going, too.

Refresh SEO and Appease Google

Google loves fresh content, and consistent updates mean its bots will crawl your site more frequently, again assisting in improving search rankings if you’re including SEO keywords in the content you post. Regular readers to your blogs will spend more time on your site, and the resulting low bounce rate and longer average visit times will also improve your search engine rankings.

Establish Yourself in Your Field

The more you post about the products and services you have expertise in, the more you’ll position your company as a leading authority in your industry. Your consistent posts on topics relevant to what your consumers are seeking will make a good impression on them and can be a useful sales tool as these blog post readers are converted into customers. Keep answering questions you think they’d want to know and educate them on your place in the market – and watch the new clients roll in.

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