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Content Marketing Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content marketing can be challenging. Have you ever been discouraged by analytics numbers that show your number of views have stalled? Don’t let this fall in online traffic get you down. It’s easy to ride the high of an uptick in views and subscribers online, and it can be disappointing when that high plateaus. But no need to get discouraged – it’s just the cost of doing business online. What matters is not that the numbers have tapered off, but how you’ll use search engine optimization (SEO) to solve the problem.

To start, if you haven’t used SEO before, now’s a good time to begin. Linking key industry words and phrases that are specific to what your company offers will increase online visibility to your content. Your company will appear in web searches by people who are looking for information in your field, which can help connect them with the products and services you provide.

Part of figuring out how to use SEO to your advantage is understanding where you came from. By tracking previous posts and going back through some of the most popular ones, you can get a sense for what has worked best for your audience. Once this has been determined, it’s okay to refresh some of this old material and reuse it to get a second round of numbers. No need to reinvent the wheel if it still works. Refreshing and reposting popular content is a way to restate what your company has to offer without starting from scratch.

Equally as important as knowing what did work, is tracking what didn’t. In these instances, you wouldn’t want to revisit anything that did not spark interest. Once you have cataloged what did and didn’t work, and prepared a refresh for reusable content, it is time to start new!

If you find you are having trouble preparing new content marketing material with SEO, and you could use some expert advice, we are available and ready to assist you! Contact the team at Design At Work, and we’ll come up with a marketing plan that fits your needs.