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Copywriting Inspiration 101: Tips to Feed the Daily Beast

copywriting inspiration

With copywriting, inspiration can be hard to come by. Not because there isn’t anything worthy to write about, but because, at times, it can feel like you’ve said it all. In the world of journalism, putting out regular content is known as “feeding the daily beast.” And just like the copy matters when it comes to your news sources, it makes a difference in the marketing world, too. Timely, thought-through communication helps boost you up in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). It positions your company as a leader in your field. It instills confidence in potential customers. It helps attract new business.

But how do you find the copywriting inspiration it takes to put that content out on a regular basis? It’s as easy as A-B-C. Let’s go back to basics with a look at three great ways to fuel creativity and get quality copy flowin’.

A: Find Copywriting Inspiration on Your Newsfeed

The best copywriting touches on the things folks are thinking and talking about, and social media platforms are great places to determine what those topics are. Whether hurricane season has people talking preparedness or parents are praising the fact that it’s time to send kids back to school, there’s almost always a way to fit your copy around it. Just remember to keep some perspective. If the day’s big news is something salacious — or if a tie-in feels like just too big a stretch — seek inspiration elsewhere. Poorly written copy or copy that seems insensitive is worse than having none at all.

B: Find Copywriting Inspiration Among Your Competitors

We’ll put this out there immediately — plagiarism is never OK. Seeking out ideas from others in your field, however? That’s just good business. Take time to see what colleagues and competitors are putting out there on their websites, across social media and even through email marketing. Use their topic as the seed to help your own take growth — then, put your own twist to it with added insight, new statistics and the like. The end result should be something entirely different, of course, written in your company’s own unique voice.

C: Find Copywriting Inspiration by Going Back to Basics

The intricacies of your industry might not seem interesting to you, but oftentimes they are to those who aren’t in the thick of it. Occasionally, it’s a great idea to take a step back and consider what folks outside your industry might not understand about the work you do. If you operate a retail shop, what’s it like to go to market? If you sell insurance, what goes into determining how much a company pays in premiums? If you provide a product or service not many people understand, why is it important — and how do you go about such work? Such posts aren’t just great for SEO, but they also scratch that itch many people have in wanting to learn more about the world around them. If all goes according to plan, the topic will interest people enough to get them clicking — and they’ll feel a little bit smarter once they’re done.

Copywriting inspiration can hit at any time — and anywhere. We recommend keeping a running list of topics, be it an electronic version or something handwritten. That way, you’ve got something to start with the next time you’re faced with writer’s block, and you’ve got a place to store your grand ideas when they strike out of nowhere. (It happens!) Of course, having an outsourced copywriter on your team also alleviates a lot of the stress on your end. If you have questions on any of the above, or you’re interested in learning how Design At Work can help, feel free to reach out. We’d love to talk with you!