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Three Easy Ways to Create Top of Mind Awareness with Email Marketing.

Many of the most successful businesses use email marketing as a means of creating top-of-mind awareness. To remain at the forefront of your target audience’s mind, optimize your chances and be strategic with your email marketing by following these tips.

1. Use a Captivating Subject Line

To maintain the attention of your target audience, you must first be able to grab it! A subject line that garners interest increases the chances that your eBlast is seen. Be concise and mention the benefits the recipient can take away from the email. Keep your subject line short and sweet, yet also be sure to entice subscribers by mentioning the ways you can help them. Maybe that means giving a discount, revealing a sneak peek of a new product or offering top tips or insight. Whatever it is that you can offer, make it clear in the subject line. By doing so, you are not only getting the attention of your target audience, you are beginning to create top-of-mind awareness! They will remember the great value you bring and will be more likely to think of you next time they need your products or services.

2. Be Consistent with Your Brand

Top-of-mind awareness is all about maintaining space in the minds of your audience — find a spot in their brains and stay put! But how? Be consistent with your brand across your email marketing. This will help you remain relevant. Before you can become a constant, your customer must know who you are. You would not recognize a stranger on the street any more than you would recognize a company with an inconsistent identity. Even something seemingly small, like your logo, can make a big impact.

3. Include a Call to Action with Every Email

Within every email, be sure to include a call to action — something you want the members of your target audience to do. Engaging your audience enables you to form a relationship with them. The more they interact, the stronger that bond becomes. Creating top-of-mind awareness through email marketing requires connecting with your customers. The recipe to success? Engage. Interact. Connect. Before you know it, you will have a faithful following ready to recall your company’s name.

Ready to remain in the forefront of your target audience’s mind? Reach out to Design At Work for help using these three easy ways and more to create top of mind awareness. We’ve got a team of marketing professionals here to help you!

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