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The Importance of Customer Journey Mapping: Three reasons it matters.

Customer journey mapping is like behind-the-scenes GPS for visitors to your website. You wouldn’t attempt a long drive without the use of some sort of navigation assistance, so why would you send customers to your website without a road map? Don’t leave them stranded — pave a clear path for customers via journey mapping. Find out why it matters when you read on for more.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

The value in journey mapping lies in visualizing the customer’s experience, in thinking through the route they must take to get to where they’re going. Ensure there is a clear pathway that allows people to easily find what they need. A frustrated customer does not a lead generation make ­— decide how to structure touchpoints to ensure satisfaction. Creating an effective journey map is a win-win. It keeps customers happy and it provides you with invaluable insight regarding their needs and wants.

Identify Missing Connections

From a designer’s perspective, journey mapping enables the missing connections to be identified. From a copywriter’s perspective, it helps determine what kind of content is needed. Regardless of which side you’re on, there are benefits to be gained. Customer journey mapping requires taking a long, hard look at your website. Is it functioning optimally? Use the data you gather from journey mapping to help you create a design the works best for you and your customers.

Increase Sales, Reduce Costs

A successful journey map can reduce churn rate leading to increased sales and reduced costs. How? It ties back to enhanced customer satisfaction and website functionality. You are more likely to retain customers if their desires have been carefully considered and if their pathway to your products and services has been made clear. Not only will they keep coming back, they may also be inclined to spread the word, sending new customers your way. Studies have shown journey mapping to be an effective means of increasing sales.

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