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How to Use Customer Reviews to Help Your Marketing Efforts.

Customer feedback comes in many forms: online or in person, immediate or delayed, good or bad. However, customer reviews are an excellent way to gauge how people view your products or services. While both customer surveys and reviews are vital to a business, customer reviews give significant insight into a customer’s overall experience. Taking in this type of feedback can help your business in several ways.

Social Hour

Hooray! You’ve received some fantastic feedback, and you can’t wait to use it. Get the word out quickly by creating social media posts with either a snippet or the entire review for your audience to see. Of all the ways to go about marketing your reviews, social media is the fastest. You can incorporate testimonials into future posts as well to keep the momentum going. Next, you can consider adding them to your website in a scrolling banner or on a stagnant section of your homepage. Showcase your reviews wherever necessary to get the word out that people love your business.

Apply Positive Reviews to Search Ads

84% of consumers trust reviews and take them into account just as much as personal recommendations. This means there is no time to waste when it comes to showing off the good you’ve got going on in your business. Use your selection of glowing reviews to show where you stand compared to your competitors. If your reviews appear to someone who is searching within your industry, they are more likely to click on your business before another with no reviews.

Tack on Those Testimonials for Your Email Marketing Crowd

Product promotions are great. Product promotions combined with some stellar reviews are better! Breaking up a lot of text and other information with reviews can make your email marketing easier to digest for your audience. It can also leave all of your eBlasts on a high note if it’s the last thing they see.

Let Customers Know You Hear Them

It’s important you take careful consideration of the reviews and feedback you receive. It really only helps your business get better. You may need to make changes to your team or internal processes to fix an issue and that’s okay. Oftentimes, it is suggested a company reply directly to a review if possible, to let the customer know they’re addressing their issue with a plan in place. If the customer has a larger issue that you need to tackle, like poor management or product issues, try announcing through various mediums such as social media, a press release, email marketing or in-store signage that your business is now under new management or that you’re rolling out improvements to addresses customer feedback. Adjusting your organization does not have to come off as a bad thing and can be a way of letting your customers know that you care.

Timely Responses Make an Impact

89% of users read businesses’ responses to reviews and 52% of customers who leave a review expect to hear back from that business within a week. A quick response from you as an owner can help you out and keep your customers engaged. Your customers will notice your timely attention to feedback and appreciate a little thank you note or any other form of acknowledgement.

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