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Digital Marketing: Top 3 Reasons Your Company Should be on Pinterest

When you think of Pinterest, you may be thinking of it as a way to plan for a wedding, save recipes or craft ideas, but did you know it’s an excellent resource for digital marketing of your business? It’s true! They continue to gain new users because of its ease of use and visually stimulating appeal. Long gone is the stigma that it is just for crafters and weddings, Pinterest is turning heads with long-term return on investment. Here are three reasons why your business should be on Pinterest.

  1. Access to Consumers Who are Ready to Purchase.

Consumers on Pinterest know what they want and are ready to buy. When they are looking on Pinterest, they are trying to find inspiration for the purchase they want to make. Even if it is a product, they’re thinking about purchasing, but are unsure, it allows them to pin it as a reminder to go back to it. Pinning increases traffic to your business’ website and increases online sales as it makes the power of purchasing that much easier with direct links to your products online.

  • Increase Brand Performance by Showing Product Uses.

It is not always easy to reach your intended audience and linking stuff on Pinterest allows your audience to come to you. Through the creation of informative posts, you can show all the potential uses of your products and services. This promotes customer understanding through social media engagement, by showing them how products fit into their lifestyle. Understanding of a product increases the chances of a sale, boosting your brand’s performance over time.

  • Get Insight from Users on What’s Trending.

There is no better way to understand what consumers want than from them. Achieve this by following users who follow your brand to see what they’re pinning. This gives your company inside marketing tips through an intimate look at what your target audience is liking. Based on what you learn, you can align what you offer and promote products based on trends that may differ from your company’s original branding strategy.

Overall, Pinterest makes it easy to showcase products and services in a simple way through images that can be laid out to advertise on a one-on-one level with your customer base. Pinterest is a resource that gives you direct access to the consumers you want to market to and provides the necessary business support to ensure it is a useful tool for the growth of your business.

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