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Ask Our Marketing Team: Does Direct Mail Advertising Work?

It’s a question our Houston marketing team gets all the time — does direct mail advertising make sense in today’s digital world? As with most things, it depends. Direct mail advertising can be an incredibly effective way to reach new clients and grow your business, so long as it’s done in a thoughtful way. (In fact, Data Targeting Solutions notes that direct mail advertising saw a response rate of 4.9% in 2018, which was up substantially from the year before.) Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding whether the option is right for your business.

Does Direct Mail Make Sense for Your Overall Goal & Target Audience?

Are you looking to increase awareness of your business? Tout a seasonal sale? Simply get people in the door? Direct mail advertising can help do all those things. Just be sure to consider exactly who you want to reach. Are families with children your company’s bread and butter, for instance, or do you cater more to college-age or retiree crowds? Are there specific neighborhoods you’d like to home in on? You’ll want to cater your message (and mailing list) to reflect that.

Can You Make Your Message Quick, Concise & Easy to Understand?

Excess text and tiny print are no way to approach direct mail advertising. Think through what you’d like to convey, and how to do so while keeping verbiage to a minimum. At the same time, the design should be clean — and should stick with your overall brand. Make your call to action bold and leave no question as to what you’d like your potential client’s next step to be. Of course, that isn’t always easy. That’s why people use companies like ours as their marketing team!

Can You make it Worth Their While?

Even the best-looking advertisement will sit forgotten if its recipient doesn’t see its value. Find an incentive that speaks to your potential client and highlight it accordingly. Offering a special discount is a great option for retailers and restaurants, while free consultations might make sense for professional services businesses and medical practices. Consider including a special gift with the mailer itself. A clever desk ornament or branded coffee table book will serve as a constant reminder of your business anytime its recipient sees it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when deciding whether direct mail advertising is right for you. Want to know more? The folks at our Houston marketing agency would love to talk! Contact us today and let’s talk shop.

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