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An Email Marketing Strategy that Guarantees Success

Whether you’re inviting your customers to an event, announcing a new product feature or simply promoting a sale, it might seem easy to slap together some email marketing materials and send them on their way. However, there’s a lot of thought and detail that needs to be put into email marketing strategies to guarantee click-throughs, engagement and the attention of your clients. Keep reading to learn about the essential components of every marketing email that your business should be implementing.

Write a Preheader for Your Email

Also known as “teasers,” preheaders are an often-overlooked aspect of email marketing. A preheader is the line of text that appears beneath the subject line and expands on the subject line’s content. It’s used to further grab the attention of the reader and generate their interest, encouraging them to open the email. Including a preheader in your email text is an important way to explain more about the purpose of your email. Without one, the preview will include the first few lines of the email’s text, which will often appear as a line of text that abruptly ends.

Personalize the Content

Studies have shown that personalized emails receive higher open rates compared to emails that didn’t include personalized content. With email marketing software, it’s easy to personalize the salutation of an email with the recipient’s name or even the subject matter of the email. Personalization is one of the easiest ways for your email to stand out in your subscribers’ inbox, and your click-through rates will thank you for it.

Include a Call to Action

Let’s face it – we get tons of emails every day. When your subscribers receive an email from you, they’re going to want to know why they’re receiving it. Including a call to action in your email – clicking a link to learn more, asking them to call to make a reservation or providing their information to sign up for a course will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your email marketing efforts. Otherwise, your email will be a wasted opportunity to convert your subscribers into sales leads.

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