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Does Your Marketing Collateral Look Consistent?

A winning marketing campaign is more than a well-designed logo, beautiful website, or killer slogan; without marketing campaign consistency, even the best pieces will go unnoticed. Take pride in the clever bits you’ve helped design, pat yourself on the back when you’ve earned it, but remember that you can’t sell your company with one good piece alone. Successful marketing means having a whole campaign of winning pieces.

Imagine you’ve got a slogan that you think will resonate with customers. You’re ready to use it everywhere, and it’s going to be the cornerstone of your next campaign. But that slogan isn’t going to do its work on its own; it’s going to be supported by all manner of marketing materials, from print ads to billboards to business cards to Facebook cover graphics. If those materials look bad, be it by poor layout or the wrong fonts for example, the message isn’t going to resonate. By keeping these campaign consistency tips in mind, you’ll be in a good position to spread your genius to the world.

Make a List and Plan

Once you have a message about your business that you’re ready to share with the world, you have to figure out how you’ll share it. Think about what types of marketing options will best promote this message. Make a list of the marketing pieces you’ll need to pull of this campaign. Once you know what you need, reorder that list into a plan that makes sense. If you need to come up with a color scheme, you have to do that before making a flyer. Doing things in an orderly manner will keep the job from becoming overwhelming.

Don’t Be Afraid to Toss Out What isn’t Working

You may find that, as you get into later steps of your plan, things just aren’t working out the way you thought. Maybe your logo isn’t in the right shape or your slogan has too many words in it. The solution to this problem is not to force your campaign forward. An ugly campaign can be more damaging than no campaign at all. Don’t be afraid to take a time-out to look at everything you’re working on and reevaluate what you have. Make the changes needed, then move forward.

Use the Right Tools for the Job

Modern computers come packaged with some great software, and there’s even more available for free online. That said, while Microsoft Word and Google Docs are really handy for certain projects, they’re not what you should be using to create the pieces of your modern marketing campaign. You don’t have to spend thousands on a new computer and expensive software, but if you’re designing graphics, use a graphic design program, for example.

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