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Five Ways a Marketing Team Can Solidify Your Brand Identity

Companies may feel they’re experiencing a brand identity crisis for multiple reasons: new technology that renders their current branding obsolete, new leadership that has a fresh take on the company’s image, or the current branding has grown old after years of use.

Recently, two marketing teams for big-name companies performed facelifts on their own brands, citing different reasons for the change. Dropbox claims the reason for their new look is due to a need to emphasize the broad capabilities of their platform. Dunkin’ Donuts recently changed their name to simply Dunkin’, citing the change as necessary to build toward their company’s vision of being more than just a donut destination. Both powerhouses had different reasons for revolutionizing their brand, but both felt it was time to do so.

As you contemplate a rebrand of your own, here are some tips on how a marketing team can help you from inception to completion, all while keeping your company’s brand identity intact in the eyes of your customers.

Don’t Freak Out

We know your company is your baby. But babies grow and change over time! By tapping a marketing team that will put a plan in place for your process, the change will occur as smoothly as possible. Remember: they’re here for a reason! So take a deep breath, get ready for the ride and maintain a positive attitude above all else.

Start at the Core

Take a look at your logo, as well as the colors that surround it. Are your colors appropriate for your business? Are they too flashy for your target? Or are they not flashy enough? What about your web copy? Is the tone appropriate for the service you provide? Are you active enough on social media? Do you need to be? By taking the time to peel back the onion and get right to the core of your company’s brand identity, you’re more likely to see things as they are. Make sure your marketing team is one that won’t be afraid to tell you what they think. A “no-filter” policy is best when it comes to your company’s facelift.

Brace Yourself for the Bumps

The rebranding process won’t always be smooth sailing. Something will always come up that puts a wrench in your great idea. It might take multiple rounds of thinking and strategizing with your marketing team before your arrive at your new brand identity. Be patient and hang on for the ride!

Show it to the World

Launching a new brand without making an announcement is like having a tree come down in the woods with no one to hear it. Your marketing team can create an email blast to send out to your clients, publicize it on social media and get press releases out to media outlets. Use all the tools at your disposable to publicize your new brand identity.

Get Ready for Damage Control

Your clients may be confused or bewildered by your new brand identity. The right approach is a positive one when dealing with this scenario. At the end of the day, your clients are there for the service you provide. A good marketing team will frame the change as a positive impact on the service your clients are getting, and this will help them to be less resistant. After all, people just want to be happy with what they’re getting!

Rebranding is not an easy process, but it’s necessary to keep your company’s brand identity fresh in order to keep up with a constantly changing world. Design At Work is here to help! Our team’s experience in rebranding will help you go confidently in the direction of your vision. Contact us to get started.

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