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#Hashtags: How to Unlock Their Power for Social Media Engagement

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Tips for Improving Your Online Marketing

You may remember them as pound signs or number signs; however, in today’s digital age we call the symbols that look like “#” hashtags – and they’re used for social media engagement. You’ve seen them millions of times and have probably used them a few times on your personal account. But did you know they can also be used as an effective part of your online marketing toolkit? In fact, they can be one of the most flexible tools in your arsenal if you know how to use them correctly.


From Twitter to Instagram to Facebook, hashtags will keep your business engaged with the digital world in ways that might amaze you. Here’s how to use them to your benefit.


Hashtags Can Help Promote Your Events


You often see hashtags used for events as large as the football championship games and as small as weddings. Hashtags for events have become part of modern culture, and that includes any events you might be putting on. Whether you’re a restaurant with a special tasting coming up, a tech firm with an open house or a nonprofit putting on a fundraiser, a hashtag can help with your event promotion by allowing you to track who is talking about it before and during the event That allows you to jump into the conversation, too.


Hashtags Keep Your Customers Informed


Whether it’s customers turning your name into a hashtag or following hashtags related to your business, the fact that so many people use them means there’s a wealth of free information at your fingertips that you can learn from. Track your brand’s hashtag to stay on top of customer service needs or see what the latest trends are in your industry. Thanks to relevant hashtags, checking out what people are talking about online won’t cost you a thing and will give you real-time, relevant insights.


Don’t Be Afraid to Jump on Trending Hashtags Strategically


Be smart and selective in how you interact with trending hashtags. While they’re a great way to get your business in front of new eyes, make sure you know what a hashtag is all about before you make what you think is a witty quip to highlight your business only to inadvertently hurt your reputation. Every holiday brings a new opportunity to get your name out there, especially if you have a related deal to promote.


Want help creating the right hashtag for your next major event or promotion? Design At Work would love to help you with your social media strategy. Get in touch today and you’ll be #winning before you know it.

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