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Healthcare Companies Strive to Develop Brand Loyalty Among Physicians

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Your healthcare company’s brand reputation is influenced by multiple sources, including the physicians who treat patients. Their devotion to your brand can be evident or absent, but ultimately is cultivated by the actions your healthcare company takes.

Seek Their Input in the Messaging
Creating a patient-focused brand without the input of the physicians who will be treating them can be difficult. They are the ones on the frontline, meeting with, treating and developing relationships with patients and families. With the extensive background they possess, physicians can provide a unique perspective when it comes to your brand’s message.

Open the lines of communication so physicians feel comfortable to share what they’ve learned over the years interacting with your clientele. Their input could prove invaluable when it comes to crafting a credible and strong message that separates what your health system provides over others in the marketplace. If not, they’ve been given the opportunity to share, building their trust, and in turn, loyalty.

Make them a Part of the Brand
The physicians that work for your health system are the face of your brand because of their continued interactions with your target audience. Patients and families get to know their physician, while those overseeing marketing efforts are working in the background. Capitalize on this relationship by introducing new physicians or sharing their award nominations or other announcements through social media or email campaigns. Successful health systems also involve their physicians in the development of blog posts or podcast series. These professionals are resources that can be tapped to reinforce your brand. Engaging physicians and providing occasions for them to truly feel a part of the collective is a major way to develop their loyalty.

Design At Work’s team has many strategies to help your healthcare company foster positive relationships with your physicians. Contact our team today to hear about our brand loyalty tactics – trust us, they’ll be just what the doctor ordered!

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