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How Important is Graphic Design for Your Business?

Insights from Brittany Woodson, our Director of Graphic Design:

Every business wants a design that pops and helps them stand out from the competition. But it’s so much more than picking a color and layout — graphic design can really make or break a business. I’ll get into the details, but a strong design will make your brand more memorable, tell your story in seconds and have your business looking like the credible company that it is. Let me break it down for you.

Generate Top-of-Mind Awareness

Typography, images, color, layout — these are all key elements that, when used together, create your brand. And when used consistently, they establish your company and help people recognize you. Whether you have many competitors, or you’ve cornered the market, brand awareness is important, and design can help remind people of the brand behind the graphics.

Create a Visual Experience

Clients and customers will first see graphics before reading what you have to say, making visual information a crucial aspect in engaging your audience. Yes, graphic design will help capture your audience’s attention, but powerful graphic design takes a message and creates a visual experience. One that draws people in and resonates with them. Take colors and typefaces for example. They can evoke different emotions, and those emotions are tied to the brand message.

Support Readability

We’ve all heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s the same with graphic design for your business. Graphics can help tell a story, explain a process, show how a problem is solved and so much more ­— and often in a quicker, more concise way than words can. Graphic design also supports readability when text is necessary. Think about how your brochure would appear without headings and subheads, callouts and other aspects all made possible by typefaces and images.

Develop Credibility

When there are many similar products and services to choose from, making a good impression is vital for businesses. Design can help you build trust with your customers and clients because a good graphic aesthetic can convey your business as dependable and honest. And a great graphic aesthetic can make it appear your business knows what you’re doing and are even better than the rest. Graphic design is also so powerful, it can make your business look larger than it is, so you have an opportunity to be successful amongst competitors.

No matter how you look at it, strong design will give your business an advantage. If you’re looking for a new logo or need graphic design support, reach out. We’re here to help.