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How to Use Stories in Your Social Media Strategy

Tips for using stories in your social media strategy

Curious about whether stories should have a place in your social media strategy? Stories offer quick hits of information, usually in clips that are 10 – 15 seconds long, and disappear within a day or so. Back when Snapchat introduced the idea of stories in 2011, most businesses didn’t bother using them in their social media strategy for these reasons. But flash forward to the new era of TikTok and nearly every social media platform offers its own flavor of stories. But are they right for your business? While stories may not be the best fit for every business, they are growing in popularity and may offer unique ways to connect with your customers. Here’s how you can start using stories in your social media strategy — and when to know if it’s not worth your time.

Why Use Stories in B2B?

The ephemeral nature of stories makes it a great option for sharing quick, off-the-cuff videos that give people a behind-the-scenes look at your business. They’re a perfect way to highlight the day-to-day reality of your brand, and you can even showcase company culture and customer interactions. For example, it’s a great way to add some personality to your social media profile when you’re at a conference or event. Share a glimpse of the booth setup or grab a quick video when you see your product being used “in the wild.” These moments may not fit into a larger marketing campaign, but they can make people feel more connected to the brand.

Get More Interactive

One reason businesses have started using stories is the ability to create flash polls and ask questions to gather customer insights. Platforms are starting to provide better tools for businesses — for example, story stickers that you can use to solicit feedback. Launching a new product? Have an idea in development? Post a quick story asking for feedback. You’ll gain valuable insight while building brand interaction.

Where to Use Stories

Snapchat is the originator of the form, but nearly every social media platform now has its own version of stories. If your company is like most businesses, you’ll be using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and potentially Pinterest. Each of these apps works in a very similar way. Adding a Facebook Story is as easy as tapping Add to Story in the app. Or, if you create an Instagram Story, you can share it to your Facebook Page right from IG — creating two posts at once (and saving time). In any platform, look for the small circles at the top of your feed. Then tap the plus sign to add your video. Twitter calls their stories “Fleets,” but it looks and functions almost exactly like the Instagram app. Even LinkedIn now provides the option to add stories to your profile.

Best Practices

Even though stories are meant to be laid back and behind-the-scenes, they should still be professional. If you’re assigning a member of the team to create stories during a conference or event, make sure they’re well versed on brand standards and appropriate video subjects. Stories are a fun way to add personality to your brand, generate customer interaction and showcase products and services in a light, friendly tone.

Social media stories aren’t for everyone — they do require some time to create and upload. But they can add a new dimension to your brand awareness efforts and even increase your connection with your customers. Want to learn more about upping your social media strategy? The team at Design At Work is here to help. Contact us to see what social media plan works best for your business.