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How Web Design Impacts Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In an increasingly virtual world, your company’s web design should be considered the face of your business. It will typically be the first thing customers happen upon when they’re searching for the products and services you offer. To that end, factoring in the effort needed to create a website that functions well and looks good should be a key part of your digital marketing strategy. If not, your efforts to bring in new business could fall short.

User Experience Matters

Have you ever visited a website that looks like it hasn’t been updated since the dawn of the Internet? How did you feel about the business that owned that website afterward? These are questions you should consider when you’re designing your own site – data shows that if customers have negative experiences on a website, they’re less likely to return. That’s why you want a site that looks modern, clean and user-friendly so that visitors feel comfortable navigating it from the outset. You don’t need flashy graphics or cutting-edge code to accomplish this – sometimes, simple and less is best.

Keywords are the Key

In addition to your website looking good, you’ll need to make sure that your content is not only readable but also optimized for SEO. Incorporating SEO keywords into your website design (both into the body content as well as the title tags, slugs and meta descriptions) is standard practice for ensuring that your site ranks high enough in search for customers to easily find you. Continuously reviewing and updating these keywords will also keep your content refreshed, allowing bots like Google’s to keep reviewing your site and adjusting its ranking in search.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

A website that looks like it could belong to anyone is not a good way to differentiate your business. The same goes for a site that’s outdated and doesn’t perform well. When you’re writing and designing your website, consider what your company’s values and mission are. Infuse your site with those personal details about your business – this will make an impact on visitors, which in turn helps to build brand loyalty. It’s all about perspective – if you shine a light on the right aspects of your business in your web design, the customers will follow. If you’re looking to grow your digital marketing strategy, the team at Design At Work is here to help. We do it all – from strategizing to designing and implementing. For a website and marketing efforts that blow the competition away, contact us today.