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Struggling with Inbound Marketing? Content Writers to the Rescue!

Many companies rely on inbound marketing these days, and with good reason. Instead of merely pushing out brand or product advertisements, inbound marketing draws customers in through content creation such as targeted blog writing. Not only does that content help position your company as an expert in the field, but it keeps current and potential customers coming back to learn more.  

While inbound marketing offers numerous benefits, there is a decent amount of work required. A content writer could be your company’s best friend, taking tasks such as keyword research, blogging and marketing message creation off your plate. Here, the Design At Work team highlights how a copywriter providing quality marketing copy could amp up your inbound marketing success:

Finding All the Right Words

Effective content marketing isn’t just about putting a lot of text out there. It’s about incorporating the words and phrases people are searching for, so content gets seen. An in-the-know copywriter will know how to navigate keyword research and search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure the right phrases are going in the right areas of your marketing copy. That could mean writing blogs, updating your homepage or creating other targeted marketing copy.

Regular Content Creation

A copywriter, as the name suggests, focuses on writing content that keeps your website, social media pages and other marketing pieces up to date. These regular updates are especially crucial for your website, as they help search engines pick up on your content — and help you rank above the competition in online searches. Of course, fresh content has another benefit, too. When your company is blogging regularly on topics people care about, it encourages them to check back to your website, and keeps your business top of mind. 

More Time for Other Work

Between writing content, writing blogs and developing a marketing message that uses the right keywords, there’s a lot that goes into quality content marketing. When you work alongside a content writer, you can pass work such as blog writing into their capable hands, so you can focus on other tasks. Because you should always have final approval over a marketing piece before it goes live, you can rest assured that the final piece will be as accurate as if you wrote it yourself.

Want to know more about how a well-thought inbound marketing approach could help your business? Curious about the work our content writers have done in the past? Ready to get the ball rolling on a marketing message for your company? Our Houston marketing experts would love to talk. Contact Design At Work today!

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