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Inclusive Marketing for a Multicultural Marketing Audience

The need for diversity in marketing is overwhelming. According to the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), multicultural consumers make up approximately 40 percent of the U.S. population. In contrast, only 5.2 percent of marketing investments are multicultural. These numbers show the dramatic gap in diverse advertising and highlight the ever-growing need that our society has for all backgrounds to be represented in the marketplace. This is important because people want to see themselves represented in the media and it acknowledges them as part of our community.

Ready to start an inclusive marketing campaign? Before starting — it is important to analyze your intent versus impact — to guarantee your multicultural marketing message is well received. Even with good intentions, a message can get lost in translation if how it is presented is not interpreted as intended. This can drastically affect the impact it has on your target audience. Combat this by reviewing your proposed campaign with diverse colleagues and peers and making necessary tweaks based on feedback in order to ensure the intent and impact are in alignment.

Some tips to keep in mind when deciding how you will reach a diverse audience are:

Ensure Representation

It is essential that people of all backgrounds and identities are visible throughout the message. Showcasing an array of diverse talent inspires and empowers a multicultural audience and makes them feel included as part of the community as a whole. It will also capture their attention because the people being shown are relatable to them personally.

Review Context

By making sure that the circumstances that form the setting, as well as supplemental graphics and photographs complement the multicultural marketing campaign, it reinforces your marketing efforts and sends a clear message. If the context of information does not provide representative diversity, the inclusive marketing campaign will have missed the mark regarding cultural context in order to reach a diverse audience.

Avoid Stereotypes

Be sensitive to the diversity of people you are marketing to by avoiding stereotypes that cast certain groups in stereotypical roles as this can make those groups feel left out from the message versus showing everyone in a positive light and elevating the message with the power of authenticity exemplified through diverse representation.

When inclusive marketing showcases the melting pot of diversity that makes up our local communities, it sends an inspiring message filled with history, heritage, and culture that motivates not only groups, but individuals to be their authentic selves and as part of a community that embraces them and shows your company as one that supports them in this regard as well. Need help ensuring your intent and impact complement each other for a successful multicultural marketing campaign? Contact us, we are here to help whenever you’re ready!