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Instagram Polls for Social Media Marketing

With over 800 million users, and 250 million active daily users of Instagram Stories it is no surprise Instagram has quickly become a more personable way for brands to use social media marketing. Being able to create a brand that is relatable to a company’s target audience is key to creating long-lasting brand loyalty. By launching a social media marketing plan with the intent of social media engagement, new products and services can not only be debuted, but become the focus of online conversation and valuable feedback data provided by polls on Instagram.

Here are some ways you can leverage your brand with Instagram Polls:

Increasing Brand Awareness – By engaging your current audience through Instagram Stories and Polls, your brand will be shared with more people online and increase brand awareness with others, making your company more recognizable on a broader scale through Instagram’s wide-ranging reach.

Soft Launch Feedback – Creating an Instagram Poll for a product that was soft-launched is a great way to gather information from loyal customers before deciding to do a full product launch. If the data gathered does not meet expectations, it may be a good way to determine if the idea is worth investing in further or if it is a flop.

Consumer Preference – Posting a poll that asks what your audience prefers — whether it is color, patterns or textiles — can help gauge whether or not you are headed in the right direction with new items you are creating. Sometimes the options being polled may both be good, but which one is best? Including your customers in the review process before something hits the market will give them a personal sense of involvement with your brand, essentially allowing them to invest in your brand as much as you invest in creating products for them.

How you use Instagram Polls will depend on the outcome your company is looking to achieve. Setting a game plan before posting an Instagram Poll will ensure you have a strategy in place that will meet the needs of the information you’re seeking. Need help telling an Instagram Story about your brand to increase social media engagement through polling? Contact Design At Work to help get your social media marketing game plan started!

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