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Why You Should Consider Landing Pages for Your Website Marketing Efforts

In the world of website marketing, there are some fuzzy definitions surrounding what exactly a landing page is. In this blog we’re giving it to you straight: a landing page is the first point of contact a potential customer has with your website, oftentimes through either organic or paid search. And because that definition is so broad, it means they have many wonderful uses – whether it’s generating sales leads and awareness for your brand, or compiling contact information and analytic reporting for the people who visit your site. If you’re still not convinced you need to incorporate a landing page for your marketing efforts, we break down the benefits below.

Landing Pages Make a Great First Impression

Landing pages are often linked from paid advertising on search engines, which means they’re the first part of your brand a potential customer sees. They allow you to provide a snapshot of your brand, with an overview of your products and services and tangible next steps for customers to take clear action. If done well, they’ll leave a lasting first impression on the customer, who will be encouraged to learn more about your business.

With a Landing Page, You Can Promote New Products or Services

One of the best ways to get the word out about something new your company is offering is through a landing page. Of course, you’ll want to promote your new offer on social media and through relevant press channels, but a landing page for your latest promotion is a good way to let people who aren’t yet following your brand know what you’ve got to offer them.

Landing Pages Increase Your Search Traffic

If your landing page is optimized for SEO (meaning it uses targeted keywords to make it search-friendly), it will drive more organic traffic to your website. And if you intend to keep your landing page up for a while, continually re-visiting those SEO keywords and the page’s content, and updating them accordingly, will ensure that your page is top-ranked in search, accumulating steady traffic.

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