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The Top Three Elements of Logo Design for Branding Your Business

If your company’s branding is a city, your logo design is the vehicle that gets you there. The importance of a well-executed logo cannot be overstated – this piece of your brand that may seem small holds a lot of power in communicating who you are to your prospective clients and guiding your future branding efforts going forward. That said, there’s a lot of thought that has to go into designing a logo that’s perfect for your brand. Design At Work’s graphic design team has weighed in on the top three elements of logo design for branding your business.


Nothing is more impactful than a simple logo that isn’t too cluttered or “noisy.” Less is more when it comes to logo design, and you want to be able to communicate your company’s identity to your customers as clearly as possible. Keep in mind that your logo will be placed on every piece of marketing collateral that you create, so fine details may be lost on different platforms and size formats. You want your logo to be both strong and easily identifiable, without cramming in too many words or unnecessary design elements.

Appropriate Color Scheme

You want your logo to stand out, but you also want the colors of your logo to easily translate to all aspects of your branding efforts. For example, think of how your logo’s colors will look on different backgrounds, and whether your logo will be easily printable on different types of media. And consider keeping your logo to three colors maximum – too many logo colors may make the logo difficult to reproduce and drive up the cost of printing.

Font Style

While fonts leave a lot of room for creativity when designing a logo, make sure that your font is easy to read and legible in different logo formats. To stay consistent,  the general recommendation is to use no more than two fonts in your logo design. And consider the type of font that’s right for your brand – fonts with serifs often communicate a more dignified feeling, while sans serif fonts offer a cleaner look.

Not sure where to begin when it comes to designing a logo? You’re in good hands with Design At Work. Our team of graphic designers are pros at creating memorable, impactful logos. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help.

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