Your logo appears on the business card you hand out to the website that every potential client will check out before giving you a call. The first impression of your business is your logo, making it key to building not only your business’s image but your corporate identity as well. Business logo design should always be present in your branding – from stationery, email signatures, signage, sales collateral and everything in between.

A well-designed logo should represent what kind of business or organization you’ve built. It should visually tell the story of your company – what you do, who you are and who your customers are – whether you’re selling business to business or business to consumer. It should also be something that stands the test of time and is not necessarily based on the latest trend. It should be simple, yet powerful. Essentially, it should be you.

Your logo is important for multiple reasons. Besides the fact that it establishes your first impression, it also builds trust with the consumer. As the first thing about your company that your potential customer interacts with, it can either leave an imprint in their minds or disappear just as quickly. Second, an attractive, professional looking logo can encourage customers to want to do business with you. So having the perfectly designed logo for your brand is essential to your business success. It can also help you stand out from your competitors. Taking the time to design a logo that acts as an extension of your identity is crucial to your brand messaging.

Investing in your logo design also creates a ripple effect that goes beyond the first glance. Building a visually valuable logo will ultimately give you a return on the time you invested in making it great. Once people have a positive experience with your company’s services, your logo becomes associated with that positivity they experienced; a beacon for all things great concerning your business. Not only that, but a well-designed logo can attract new clients who may choose to go with your company based on the professional appearance of your logo, rather than other companies who may not appear as professional as you, or who don’t have an image as impactful as your business’s.

When you feel your look is falling flat and you could use a little logo design help, turn to Design At Work’s team of expert logo designers. We pull logo design inspiration from your company’s brand and personality, while also watching for any industry themes. Always up on the latest in logo design tips and trends, our graphic designers know that first impressions matter and are going to make sure that your logo design and branding are integrated seamlessly. Turn to Design At Work, and let our design team bring some major logo love to your brand.