Everybody’s Talkin’.

Make a Big Splash with a Cool Tagline.

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Can you name the company associated with these taglines?

  1. Obey Your Thirst.
  2. Expect More. Pay Less.
  3. Because I’m Worth It.
  4. It’s Everywhere You Want to Be.
  5. Where the Pets Go.

Chances are you were able to identify several of these companies just based on their taglines. Talk about a splash! This short, easy-to-remember phrase is often considered the most effective way of drawing attention to one or more aspects of your company. So what are the key components of an effective tagline?

Make it original.

Your tagline should evoke imagery or emotion from your customer. When you read “Just do it,” what do you think of? The swish. Or what about The Wounded Warrior Project’s tagline: “The greatest casualty is being forgotten.” It evokes an emotion. When someone hears your tagline, it should stick with them — remember your customer can often be your greatest advertisement, so staying top-of-mind is key.

Honesty and simplicity are best.

Everyone can claim to be the best, but saying you’re number one isn’t what’s going to make a lasting impression on your customer. Catch their attention with something original and to the point. The simpler the better. We’re constantly swimming in an array of advertising, so make it easy to remember — be catchy!

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