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Make Your Mark. How’s Your Logo?

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When you visit potential clients, you probably leave a business card behind. But what else? A creative and thought-provoking leave-behind can make a big impression on a decision-maker when executed correctly. Here are a few things to consider when brainstorming an effective leave-behind:

Determine your budget and scale your ideas up or down accordingly. Are you feeling a financial squeeze this quarter? Try a small game or puzzle with a theme applicable to your business. A little more wiggle room in the bank account? Consider investing in a nicer gift for special prospects, like a personalized pocket knife or highball glass.

Will you deliver your leave-behinds personally, or will you mail them? Some items travel better than others. If your client is a foodie, get some face time in and deliver those chocolates by hand. If they’re across the country, send something a bit more durable.

If you’re targeting the vegan community, you probably wouldn’t find success with a hunting handbook. Consider the profile of your ideal client, both in and out of work. Tailor a leave-behind with their skills, interests and experiences in mind.

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