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How Your Company’s Image and Branding Add Up to a Successful Marketing Campaign

The creative minds at Design At Work have never been ones for math equations, but when it comes to knowing the formula for a successful marketing campaign, we’re the experts you can turn to. And we know that every successful marketing campaign starts with the basics – your company’s image and branding. If those two things sound one and the same, you may be be wondering what the difference is. It’s all about how people perceive your business. Let’s differentiate between the two factors of the equation.


Your company’s “image” is the visual aspect of your marketing campaign. Your image is typically represented overall by a logo – the “face” of your company that identifies your business. The colors and graphics in this logo are represented throughout all your visual marketing, creating consistency for your image. Often, these visuals are how your customers and potential clients will remember your company. Your logo will be placed on everything from business cards and t-shirts to advertisements and signs, graphically pulling together the theme of your company.


If you think of your company’s image as the one thing that identifies you, your branding is the overall big picture. Your logo is the “face” of the company, and your branding is the “personality.” It’s how your business is perceived by your customers and the impression you leave on them when they see your ads, talk to your employees and hear your name. It’s how your product or service makes them feel, and it’s the voice and tone that you strike across your website copy, social media and marketing collateral. Your brand is the sum of your marketing campaign’s parts.

Summing it All Up It takes a lot to solve a marketing campaign, but it all starts with image and branding. While these two things aren’t the same, they go hand in hand when it comes to representing your company. If you take one away, it weakens the equation – ultimately weakening your business. You can have one without the other, but it won’t put you on the path to marketing success.

Ready to create your own successful marketing formula? The team at Design At Work is ready to get you started. Reach out today and we’ll get to work on making you a marketing mathematician.

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