How to market your nonprofit.

Ways marketing materials like direct mail can help your nonprofit bring change

Marketing Tips, Non-Profit Public Relations and Other Ways to Further Your Cause

The internet is filled with marketing tips for nonprofits — advice for everything from solid direct mail pieces to eye-catching non-profit public relations efforts. To truly make your name and purpose known, however, and to reel in results, you need a marketing plan that brings a variety of components together in a strategic way. Design At Work is here to help. Let our Houston marketing agency help you develop marketing materials that make your nonprofit organization’s story known — and make people want to take action. Take a look at ways our marketing experts craft messages and thoughtful branding that educate others and move your cause forward.


Creating Effective Marketing Materials on a Budget

We understand that, for most nonprofits, the majority of funding goes toward operating expenses and the organization’s chosen cause. While that leaves little wiggle room within the marketing budget, it doesn’t mean marketing is out of the question. It just takes a bit of creativity, and an ability to make the most of your available resources.

Email marketing is a low-cost means of getting word out about events and needs to existing supporters, for instance. Meanwhile, social media pages — and even a low-cost Instagram or Facebook advertisement — can spread word to a wider audience of people interested in causes like yours. For tangible items such as direct mail pieces, our designers consider factors such as print costs and mail specifications to create effective, attractive looks that won’t break the bank. Beyond our in-house work, our team maintains relationships with quality printers whose work we can stand behind, and whose prices remain reasonable. That means that you can always trust your flyers, event signage and other marketing materials to get the job done within budget.


Encouraging Involvement with Innovative Fundraising

The experts at our Houston marketing agency have experience putting together all types of fundraisers, from high-class soirees to charity golf tournaments and even non-events which encouraged supporters to donate what they could, then enjoy an evening NOT celebrating with coworkers. We set the scene with branded marketing materials such as direct mail save-the-date cards and invitations, and make sure word gets out across social media and through non-profit public relations efforts, too!

Once the big day arrives, our team members are there to help however your nonprofit sees fit. Need someone to point out live auction bidders? To blow up balloons? To snap press photos or collect tickets? Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered. Afterward, it’s time to flex our PR muscles with press releases and photo galleries that tell the world all about your incredible organization and evening. By that point, we’re already pulling together our best marketing tips, ready to make next year’s event even bigger and better!


Getting Word Out Through Non-Profit Public Relations

It’s difficult for any nonprofit, no matter its size, to make a difference when no one knows what it does. Our team puts its non-profit public relations expertise to work, connecting with area media outlets to let them know who you are, what your cause is all about and what events you have going on. Because each press opportunity is different, each PR strategy is, too. Our team might suggest a simple press release with photos following a donor luncheon, for instance, while a full-on gala would likely warrant everything from pre-event calendar listings to social media posts, comped media tickets and — of course — a detailed press release.

We understand that non-profit public relations is about more than getting a mention in the local paper. It’s an opportunity to get in front of potential donors, spread word about your cause and dig in to make an even bigger difference than you already have. Trust that Design At Work is with you every step of the way, and that our team wants to help you grow.