Marketing Healthcare Companies.

How hospiatls and healthcare facilities can attract their target audience long before they become patients

Online Reputation Management Coupled with Inbound Marketing Strategies to Engage Audience


The fact is, patients have a lot of options when it comes to their healthcare. To make your health system, medical or rehabilitation facility, doctor’s office or hospital their first choice, you need to ensure you have a solid marketing plan in place. From online reputation management to inbound marketing to sales collateral, your healthcare company can take a few steps to capture the attention of your target audience – which, in reality, could be patients, family members, referring physicians or case managers. Read on for Design At Work’s marketing campaign ideas for your healthcare company.


Do Your Online Reviews Reflect Patient Satisfaction?

Although public perception is important for all companies, having a strategic online reputation management strategy is even more crucial for healthcare companies. Responsible for the care and wellbeing of patients, healthcare facilities can’t take a back seat when it comes to online reputation management.

As your outsourced marketing firm, Design At Work takes a proactive approach to gaining and promoting positive reviews and acknowledging negative ones. Our goal is to improve the accuracy of your online reputation to appeal to potential patients and their families, as well as other referral sources.


Inbound Marketing Campaign to Create Positive Audience Experience

Do you want to announce new services to increase patient appointments or facility census? Have you ever wanted to share the latest health news to cultivate a stronger patient-provider relationship? Would it be beneficial to remind referring physicians or case managers of your successful programs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need an inbound marketing campaign. Design At Work’s account managers will develop an email marketing plan while our copywriters will produce relevant and helpful content that engages your target audience and drives them to your website and blog. Plus, the eye-catching email marketing layouts our graphic designers create will provide multiple opportunities for your audience to click to your website/


Content Creation for Healthcare Sales

Whether your sales team is sharing patient success stories, data from annual reports or new program highlights, they need sales collateral to communicate with their audience. By first identifying any and all target audiences, the Design At Work team develops sales collateral with differentiated messaging to address different pain points, concerns and expectations. We’re talking brochures, inserts, infographics, magnets, binders, folders, tradeshow booths – you name it, and we can design it so it’s not only visually appealing but has the right verbiage and call-to-actions to inspire your audience to refer a patient or admit themselves or a family member.