Marketing plans for retail businesses.

How tools like promotional campaign development can help grow your retail business

Online Advertising, Retail Packaging Design and Other Ways to Attract Customers

A targeted approach is crucial for online advertising, promotional campaign development and other marketing aimed at bringing customers through your door. You need a clear message that stays with potential clients. You need a brand that helps you stand out from the competition and retail packaging design that pops. You need to prove that you’re different. Design At Work’s Houston advertising and marketing professionals are experts in helping retail businesses build brands and implement marketing that gets customers to take notice. See how we incorporate everything from Facebook advertisement to email marketing and web design to grow retail businesses like yours.


Promotional Campaign Development for Company Events

From blowout anniversary bashes to online-only sales events and shopping brunches for frazzled moms, our crew has experience creating promotional campaigns for all sorts of events. How do we craft campaigns that capture people’s attention and makes them want to save the date? We’re glad you asked.


While no two events — or promotional campaigns — are exactly alike, every one hinges on understanding who the target audience is, and how best to reach them. In-store signage and email marketing are great, for instance, but they only target current customers. A Facebook advertisement set to appear for people with certain interests, who live within certain ZIP codes, however, can put you in front of a whole new audience ready to see what you’re all about. Once we’ve determined who exactly you’re going for, we can set out a strategy sure to get your event noticed — one with everything from chic invites to branded swag.


Retail Packaging Design that Catches the Eye

You’ve heard the phrase that presentation matters, and retail packaging is the perfect example. Branded packaging uses solid design to entice customers to purchase a product, and also creates a direct link between that product and your retail company. Longtime customers are more likely to make the purchase because they know you put out quality work. On the flip side, new customers just discovering you might like the product, then go on to see what else you have to offer.


Of course, packaging is about more than aesthetics. The information matters, too. Our graphic designers and copywriters are skilled in translating industry jargon into terms any customer can understand, and laying information out in a way that looks good. We’ve worked on everything from simple earring cards to advanced plumbing accessories, and we would love to work on your next product release.


Online Advertising that Makes Your Name Known

In today’s high-tech world, the internet is a way of life. Retailers everywhere are angling for new customers with help from online advertising, but effective advertising takes strategy. We’re pros at putting together an Instagram or Facebook advertisement that piques people’s interest and communicates everything a person needs to know — all within seconds. Social media is just one avenue, however. With online advertising opportunities for outlets ranging from national magazines to niche publications and everything in between, the possibilities are endless. Whether your goal is to spread word about a product or service, announce your new location or simply invite those around you to stop in and shop, our talented crew can craft a plan to make it happen.